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De Herborist is one of the first Belgian developers that offers ecological and natural well-being, selfcare and lifestyle products made from Cannabis and its compounds.

Our Story

The founder started this company as a retail, lifestyle and pioneers company, but because of the success of the inhouse made products, it quickly grew into a full and mature brand.

Today we can proudly say that we offer the largest cannabis based skincare line in Europe. Our hemp & terpene product line is legal in 99% of the world today, which makes it very accessible and easy implementable for our clients. We also develop more complex products based on cannabinoids for well being and medicinal purposes, as well for animals.

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Our three pillars


Easy access & legal to 99% of the world


100% bio, vegan & eco-certified


Fair, qualitative and innovative products that meet the needs of the market today

Cannabis skin
and selfcare experts

“During my studies as a Medical Cannabis Specialist, I came to the conclusion that the demands today do not correspond to the products offered in the market” claims Yves Coonen, De Herborist CEO. “We create innovative, reliable and healthy products based on knowledge and science for people willing to (re)discover the beneficial properties of cannabis.”

CBD has no psychoactive effects, but does have plenty of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help soothe existing skin rashes and irritations. It helps soothe inflammation caused by rosacea and acne breakouts. Topical use of CBD can help reduce puffiness, swelling and irritation.’


De Herborist brings back authenticity and quality in a wide range of new and existing products. Research and knowledge are our drivers, while staying loyal to our roots and classic background is essential in our company’s culture. 

We develop some unique products on the market such as our Pillow & Body mist made of terpenes and hemp and essential oils for a calm night or to spice up the night!. We can proudly say that we made the first Cannabis Terpene Candles in the EU for multiple players on the market.

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R&D is part of De Herborist’s DNA, we constantly strive to develop new products that meet the needs of customers today. That’s why we offer private formulation, ingredients and development services for other high end partners in this industrie.

All our products are EU certified and registered in the countries where they are sold. They contain no forbidden substances. Our legal team is up and running since 2018 to ensure our clients can implement Cannabis in their range without worrying about the legal aspect.

Don’t hesitate to contact us about following posibilities:

  • Private labeling / formulation
  • Education
  • Consultancy
  • Clinics & workshops

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About De Herborist

De Herborist is one of the first Belgian developers that offers ecological and natural well-being, selfcare and lifestyle products made from Cannabis and its compounds. 

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